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Mini Belly Paintings!

Toby (3) and Sammy (5). I’ll probably be forced to delete these photos before they hit their teenage years, but we’ll just enjoy them here while we can!

Let’s just say that my boys have learned now to take FULL advantage of their Momma when she has all her paints spread out in her studio working on designs.  Today they both wanted their bellies painted, so I went all out.  First Toby came to me and said, “Momma!  I wanna Mickey Mouse Clubhouse come-inside-its-fun-inside on my tummy!” Shortly after, Sammy was ready for a Hot Wheels Monster Truck. Well, maybe SOMEDAY I’ll have a customer request a Monster Truck and I will have had TONS of practice!  Here are a few pictures of our little belly session done today, right before naps.  I sprayed Toby’s with some of my Kryolan fixer spray.  So, we’ll see if that helps it last longer!

Here are a few photos of them in progress…

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