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Paintertainment Step by Step: Sugar Skull!

 I painted a sugar skull on myself this week!  Here’s how I did it….

 First I did the area around my eyes with some Mehron INtense Pro Powders using a sable brush, and then covered the rest of my face with white Mehron Starblends using a white wedge sponge.

 Next, I loaded my TAG one stroke brush with a TAG one stroke Pansy cake and painted the web shapes on my forehead.

I added some shading with black Starblends just using my finger to apply and blend, and then added a little hint of cracks using some black Starblends, applied with a lollipop blender through a BAM #1016 stencil.

 To add the little petal edges to the eyes, I loaded a rounded filbert brush with the red and purple on the TAG pansy cake, and simply “stamped” them on with the brush.

Then, I added a one-stroke flower to my chin using the same Pansy cake, applied red lipstick to my top lip and purple to my bottom lip,  added a few rhinestones with Amerikan Body Art Body Glue, and then did the black linework with Wolfe Black and a Wolfe #1 round brush.

I finished it off with some highlights with Wolfe white using my Wolfe #1 round brush.

Oooooh…creepy!  I immediately washed this one off after pictures so I wouldn’t scare my little 3 year old.  😉

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