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October Happenings at Paintertainment

Things have been pretty busy around here lately!  I thought I’d share some random photos that I’ve only really put up on Facebook so far, in case you’re not a Facebook follower!
Great Pumpkin design, done on myself!
My 5 year old was an angry bird for Halloween, so I painted his face to go with his costume!
Had a super fun gig where we painted mardi gras masks on adults before their party!

 In addition to face painting, I’ve been having fun getting into balloons! I had my first balloon gig a week and a half ago, and it went great!!

I had a fun time painting my niece last weekend and making her a princess wand, complete with a glitter-filled heart on top! She sits still better than any kid I’ve ever painted I think…I have to make myself stop because I could paint her for hours! 😉
Sammy challenged me to make him a monster truck…I think he likes it!

Been working on more original balloon designs, like this rocket ship!

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