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My Little Pony Party

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of doing both face painting and balloons for a super fun My Little Pony themed birthday party! I had a blast and the kids sure seemed to be having a great time too!

For face painting, I had a nice variety in my design menu that included full face designs, as well as mask designs and single eye designs. However, EVERY girl at the party wanted a cheek art design!  They still turned out really cute…just goes to show ‘ya that cheek art isn’t dead!!  I’m still kicking myself for not getting any photos of “Rainbow Dash.”  For her I used my TAG rainbow one-stroke cake for her hair which was really slick, and some of my Paradise brilliant blues.  Unfortunately the birthday girl didn’t want her face painted! So, I did lots of extra special balloons for her instead, including a crown to wear.

Cheek Art

 For balloons, many of the girls wanted simple flowers!  I did a few special My Little Pony designs for the birthday girl, complete with the little designs they have on their rumps…

“Apple Jack”

One girl asked for a fairy, and I did one of my fairy design with some wings added (with a clear balloon).  It turned out really cute and got a lot of “oooh’s” and “aaahhh’s” from the crowd!

Overall I think the party went well and everyone had tons of fun! It was during our week of record breaking cold, so I think the kids enjoyed having a little extra colorful fun in their weekend!

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