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Balloon Fun at my Son’s School!

At the beginning of this month I went to my son’s kindergarten class and did balloons for them!  This was for my little man’s 6th birthday, as his special “treat” for his friends.  It was so much fun!  I only had about 20-25 minutes, so I decided to make balloons ahead of time.  This way, I could be sure that every kid would get one, and then I could do a few others for them to watch.  To make things simple, I did a flower for every girl, and a snake for every boy. 19 kids in all!

My countertop, the night before!
Bouquet I made for Sam’s teacher, Mrs Jordahl! Many thanks to her for taking so many great pictures of the day!  I love that she publishes a Shutterfly album of photos from class every week or two.
I started by writing everyone’s names on their balloons.  It gave the kids a chance to spell their names for me!  We also talked about my two very important balloon rules: 1) do not bring balloons to bed, and 2) Never put them in your mouth!

The kids and teacher having fun with their balloons

Doing a candycane…Sam was a great little helper!

Mrs Jordahl with her bouquet (and bee!)

My Birthday Boy!  He was so cute and proud to have his mom come in to do balloons!  Gotta soak this up while it lasts….
All of the “extra” balloons I did in the time I had left, which we decorated the room with!

Sam had so much fun…he insisted that we go to the principal’s office and make her one too.  He even opted to ride home with Mommy instead of riding the bus…I think that’s proof that I did him proud!  😉

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