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Using Paint Pot Strips for Double Dip Flowers

We are now carrying paint pot strips!  These little pots ($4.50 for a set of two strips) are great for double dip flowers!  They can be used a couple of ways for double dip flowers…

One way is to fill them each with whatever contrasting colors you like to use for flowers in addition to white.  So, you load your brush with white paint, then swirl the tip on the color of your choosing in these mini pots.  This helps to keep your larger kit clean, avoiding the white swirls on top of your colors from making double dip flower petals!

The other way you can use these is to fill them with both the white and color, enabling you to load your brush with both at the same time.  I heard about this idea during a face painting jam and had to give it a try!  Here are some photos of my attempt…

Press your colored paint in the bottom half or third of the pot.

Fil the rest of the pot with white.

Using the end of your brush handle, make a hole in the center.  Reach down just through the white paint and slightly into the colored paint area.

Brush hole

Now, wet and load your brush in the hole, loading white on the brush with your color on the tip!

Press your double dip petals!

I’ve been experimenting a bit with this method.  So far I’ve found the only tricky part is preventing the colored paint from streaking up the white paint while pulling the brush back out of the hole.  But, I think with a little practice, it could definitely help speed things up and keep the white out of your other paints!