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Free Valentine’s Day Cheek Art How-To + NEW Valentine’s Package Deal!

Valentine’s day is fast approaching!!  Here’s a cute little Cupid cheek art design that I put together for you today! If you’re a subscriber to our free e-newsletter, you’ll see this one in our January issue, along with several other cute Valentine’s cheek art designs!  And don’t forget the 15% off coupon, good on your next order of $20 or more through Valentine’s day!

Looking to kick your Valentine’s designs up a notch? We have a new Valentine’s day package deal!!  This deal saves you over $5.00 versus purchasing each item separately.  The package comes with two BAM stencils, two sizes of acrylic heart rhinestones, a sheet of 3-D heart and gem stickers & rhinestones, two bottles of cosmetic glitter (pink and red), and a Paradise Prisma Fleur cake, which is perfect for your Valentine’s day hearts and roses.

While it’s not QUITE ready to ship yet, I thought I’d let you in on it a little early.  I don’t normally post deals before they’re ready, but we’re just waiting on the heart BAM stencils to arrive! They are currently in the mail and on their way here, so as soon as they arrive, this package deal will be ready to ship!  I’m noting a ship date of this Friday just to be safe, but I’m guessing they’ll be here before then. If you’re on a time crunch, shoot me an email and I’ll check the tracking for you to give you a more accurate ship date.  Otherwise, feel free to order and know that it will ship just as SOON as these stencils are in!

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