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Help Me Design a NEW Balloon Twisting Product for my Shop!

Last month I made this little set of pocket menu cards for my balloon twisting.  They work really nice, and fit right into the pockets of my apron.
I posted the above photo in a group on Facebook and there were a lot of people interested in me adding them to my online shop. I’m close to being able to print these now, and thought that it would be fun to let you all in on the ground floor of this new addition by soliciting your feedback on the design selection. 
 This is a rough draft of some of the designs I’m thinking for each card, sorted by # of balloons involved. I still need more on the 4+ card, but not sure if I’ll keep that card in or not. Are there any missing that you strongly feel should be there? Any that shouldn’t? I’m still a fairly new twister so there are many I haven’t done but would love your input! 
It’s not really meant to be an all-encompassing menu of ALL that you can do, but something to get the kids’ ideas going. For example, the heart wand could just be a wand representation…you could make all sorts of wand versions.  The animals of course can all change colors to suit the child.
 I’m trying to keep them mostly done with your standard 260’s that everyone has, nothing too fancy, so they can work for a wide range of twisters. 
I’m envisioning the final cards to be postcard sized & laminated. They will have a hole punched in the corner with a metal rivet to keep them sturdy, and then will come attached with a single metal binder ring. The ring can then be attached to your apron by whatever method you’d like, or they can be taken out of the ring and passed around.  
Holiday ones are in the works next! Would love to hear your thoughts before I go to print!  I am hoping to print these within the next few days, so if there’s something you’d like to see changed on them, now is the time!  Please leave your feedback here in the form of comments to this post.  Thanks so much!!

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