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New “Hot Wingz” Stencils Now Available!

We are now carrying a selection of the new Hot Wingz stencils, from the makers of the very popular BAM stencils!  Today I took some time to try out the ones we are currently carrying, so that I could display photos of what they could look like with paint on the shop website.

Each stencil comes with one “Wing Dingz” piece (the peanut shaped piece you see in the photos below), which can be used to block out certain areas of the stencil that you might not be using in your design.  The Wing Ding can be used alone as a curve template as well. The Hot Wingz also have a “shadow shield” to protect paint from getting under the eye if being used with an airbrush.

Hot Wingz, much like our beloved BAM and HAS stencils, are durable, flexible, washable, and re-useable.  The stencils shown below are available now on for $9.00 each.

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