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Think SPRING with our New St. Patrick’s Day Package Deal!

The winds are blustery and we’re getting ready for our 3rd day of closed school due to extreme cold windchills tomorrow… so spring can’t come soon enough around here!  That’s why we’re already thinking ahead to St Patrick’s Day! 

I’ve just put together another all new package deal, specially geared for St Patty’s Day!  The design done in the above photo was created using all of these items included in the package:

This package is available for $44.00!  If you were to purchase these items separately, it would total $49.74.  So, you save $5.74 with the package deal!

Here’s what comes in the kit:

 This package is also a great deal just for anyone looking to try out some new things….like the new Paradise “Brilliant” line of metallic paints, an awesome TAG one-stroke “Leaf Yellow” (which will also be great for leaves on your Valentine’s day rose designs), Liquid Bling, and some fun BAM stencils! The shamrock rhinestones make your St Patty’s day designs extra special. (don’t forget the adhesive if you don’t already have some in your kit!)  And the greens and gold are great for other times of the year too, like spring, Christmas, etc!  Want to add even more to your package?  Pick up a stick of green lipstick for just $2.50!

Check it out today in the shop, and think SPRING!!


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