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New Paintertainment Exclusive: Pocket Balloon Menu Cards!

I am super excited to introduce our latest new product, which is designed and made right here at Paintertainment… Pocket balloon twisting menu cards!

 When I started balloon twisting, I loved the portability of my balloon apron, yet still wanted the ability to display some sort of visual menu.  So, I came up with my own prototype of these cards that fit nicely into my apron pocket.

Here is a list of the designs on each card:

Red Card: sword, pig, rabbit, dog, alligator, elephant, turtle bracelet, monkey, swan and giraffe.
Blue card: flower, rose, monkey with banana, helicopter, fishing pole, ladybug bracelet, dragon, snake, princess wand
Yellow card: princess, monkey on a tree, penguin, dog, butterfly, horse, princess wand, crown, airplane

If you’re having trouble making these just from the pictures, I have put together another blog post full of video tutorial links to help you out!

As a new twister, they were not only helpful to show the kids what I could make, but also as a visual cheat sheet for me! There were enough fellow twisters on Facebook interested in purchasing them, that I designed, printed, laminated and put together some for my online store. They are available now for $9.00

Right now they come in a set of three cards: 1-balloon designs, 2-balloon designs, and 3-balloon designs.  Each card is laminated, and has a hole in the corner that is reinforced with a metal eyelet.  The cards can then be connected with a metal ring (also included).

The ring is easy to open and close, enabling you to add or remove cards depending on the crowd or type of gig you are working at.  It also allows you to attach the menu cards to a loop on your apron:

In my Twist-em-up apron, I’m able to hook these on a loop, flip them around and slip them into an apron pocket without even opening the ring.  You can also attach it using a recoiling badge lanyard so they don’t walk away, which is how I hold my scissors and sharpie too.  And if you end up being stationed at a table, they can be laid out for the kids to look at!

If you like the idea of these cards, be sure to keep an eye on the shop or follow us on Facebook for updates.  You can also find my popular face painting cheek art menus, as well as a build-your-own menu option!

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