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Handy Balloon How-To’s

Here are a few YouTube videos that I learned from and was ispired by when creating all of the balloons on our new pocket balloon menu cards! Several of you have asked for instructions, so this is my attempt to share as much info as I can.  I’ll see if I can put together some pdf’s in the future! These are all pretty basic designs, and there are many, many videos online for every one.  Many of these I just figured out looking at pictures, however, I’ve done my best to find videos that are as close as possible to the designs in the photos, if not the same! Some I simply described below, but will add videos later if I’m able to find some.  Feel free to email me though if you still have questions!

Red Card (1-Balloon Designs):
Rabbit (I started mine with a tulip twist for the nose)
Dog (I’m sure there are hundreds of videos of the basic dog out there!)
Elephant (I work backwards, starting with the opposite end (non-nozzle) making the trunk, then two big ears, and legs/body just like a basic dog.)
Giraffe (same as the basic dog, but with a long neck instead of long tail, and shorter ears)
Turtle Bracelet

Blue Card (2-Balloon Designs):
Monkey with Banana (Similar to the red card’s monkey, but without the hand details, and with a short yellow balloon tucked in the arms for a banana!)
Fishing Pole (Learned from a friend…The reel is made from an apple-twisted bee body that has been twisted in half, then the pole tucks in between. The “line” is a white balloon with all the air squeezed out, and the fish is made from a heart shaped balloon with most of the air let out.)
Princess Wand
Rose (there are many variations out there!)
Dragon (add the fire too if you are able!)
Ladybug Bracelet (I make mine like the turtle bracelet but in black, and stopping at the head and legs, then add a little piece of red twisted and folded over for the shell/wings)
Snake (on the card the tongue is different, just an uninflated red balloon)

Yellow Card (3-Balloon Designs):
Princess (I do my arms a little different, linking the hands)
Monkey on a tree (The one on the card uses the simpler monkey from the red card, but the tree is similar to this video)
Dog (ears and head are similar to this video, but the one on the card is standing, leaves out the extra balloons needed for the nose and tongue, and has a collar instead)
Princess Wand
Princess Crown
Airplane (Haven’t found a video similar to this yet.  Start the yellow propellers with a tulip twist, then make 3 “petals” for the props.  The main body in blue is like a loose bird body with more smaller propellers on the back.  The wings are similar to the monkey’s palm tree, just slipped through the main body.)

Happy twisting!!  🙂

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