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Introducing… LOADS of new products!

We’ve added SO many new products to the store in just the last few weeks!!  Here are a few photos and links to find them in the shop.


We are excited to introduce our selection of the new Global Colours Body Art makeup!  At the time of this posting, they are $6.75 for a 32 gram container. The colors are AMAZING! Here is a little doodle I did on my arm, which was my first experience using Global Green, Yellow, Magenta and Ultra Blue:

Painted with Global magenta, green, yellow, and ultra blue.
After this I had to try the teal as well…I had a customer curious about staining so I purchased a teal for the stain test I did over the weekend.  Here are the same colors with teal added, and some Wolfe black:
Painted on my arm using Global Colours and Wolfe black
None of the Global colors I tested stained, by the way.  They removed just as cleanly 24 hours later as they did 1 hour later!

 Here is a paint cake in my hand to give you an idea of scale:

These paints come in 32 gram sizes for $6.75

Right now we have an assortment of 12 basic colors available, shown here:

In addition to the Global standard/basic colors, we also have a few of their metallic and pearl colors:

Since I will be no longer re-stocking the Kryolan palette refills as they run out, I’ve begun building our assortment of Paradise palette refills.  These are just $5.00 and are sized to fit in the 8-color palettes that we also sell.  They are also great for artists looking to try out a small amount of a new color or brand, without investing in a large cake.

As of now we have 10 basic colors available, but over the coming months we’ll be adding more colors, including their brilliant line.

…and that’s not all!!


We also have a couple new brushes and sponges added to the mix…

This flat tapered brush is great for making tiny little double-dip flower petals.  It’s similar in shape to the Fleur brush, but smaller, and only $4.00!

We also have a new pink aluminum kabuki brush!  This is a beautiful brush, and at just $8.00, offers you a more economical option than our current $18.00 Mehron Kabuki brush.  I love using these to apply rosy cheeks (using Kryolan Youth Red Blush) on my princess designs.  Did you know they also work great for applying base coats of color too, when used virtually dry on your regular paints?

Below are two new sponges added to the shop…

 Black foam wedges, and new black stipple sponges!


Recently we added our little paint pot strips, which are great for creating double-dip petal pots. 

Since there are a couple ways that artists like to make their separate double-dip paints, we’ve also just added a new type of container: our new round, 3-section divided containers.  These little containers allow you to put a small amount of your three favorite petal colors in a separate container, saving your larger cakes from the inevitable white swirls that result when double-loading the tip of your brush.


Some of our new specialty shaped balloons, now available!

As I have personally grown as a balloon twister, so has my shop selection!  We now carry a much larger assortment of specialty balloon shapes.

 Alien Faces…fun to make into hats, put in UFO’s, and just add to alien bodies!

 Bee bodies…they do so much more than bees!  I’ve seen many creative things done with these. The yellow ones are great for a quick minion, and the red ones make cute apples, too! I also use them for a reel on the fishing pole!

 Geo Blossoms… an obvious solution for quick flowers, but they can also be used for other designs!


 Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! We have the “sweetheart assortment” which includes pink, red, and white!  We have just plain white hearts, which are great for making cat faces, princess wands, and boquets! AND, we have both the pink and white heart-shaped cat faces!

 We will SOON be carrying small bear heads! As of now they are on backorder with my distributor, but will be available on the site just as soon as they arrive. Yes, they are great for making bears, but you can also turn them upside-down to have an instant body and legs for other designs…

 …and Spiderman faces are great for…well…Spiderman!


Also added to our balloon section are the series of Balloon Magic books!  
 This first one above is also on backorder still with the distributor, so we don’t have that one quite yet.  But, as soon as it’s in, it will be available on the site!  For now, though, you can still get the Balloon Magic Figures and Balloon Magic Advanced books

These books are both really PACKED with designs.  The book itself is in black and white, but is full of photos to help you through each step.

Be sure to keep an eye on our balloon section as it will be growing even more in the coming months.  Our pocket sized balloon menus have been very popular, and we plan on creating additional pocket-sized menu cards to add to the collection.  We’ll also be adding more menu options and sizes soon!