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Our Smile Painter Set is BACK!

I am very happy to announce that our wildly popular Smile Painter Set is back, cheaper, and better than ever!!  The Smile Painter Set was originally designed years ago to help aid those who have been asked to paint at their child’s school or church function, having no previous experience with face painting.

Putting together this kit was my way of helping out all of those people who had contacted me and couldn’t afford to hire a professional, but needed some help with what to do and what to use. Some of my other professional face painting colleagues may not like that I am offering supplies and instructions to volunteers, rather than promoting the hiring of a professional.  However, I know after 18+ years in the business, that there will ALWAYS be organizations out there that simply never would have been able to afford my services no matter what mind-blowing sales spiel I gave them.  So, none of us are really losing business from these organizations…we are simply giving them another reason to by cheap, dangerous makeup. And to leave them with only an out-of-reach option seems irresponsible to me.

I put this together to help steer these people away from the traps many of them end up falling into…so many events that use volunteers end up using craft paint, such as tempera paint, poster paints,  or even acrylic paint.  Sadly and dangerously, many people are under the impression that “non-toxic” means that it is safe for skin.  This is oh, so NOT true.  Please read my blog post on this topic to educate yourselves further!  It is NOT worth saving a few bucks on paint only to leave a child with a horrible, painful rash!!

The other trap these volunteers fall into, is they purchase super cheap face paint from the craft store that is not re-fillable.  Besides the risk of cheap made-in-China makeup not being safe for the kids, they then end up using up all the black (or some other color), and just throw the rest away because they now can’t use the palette again.  Over time, you waste a lot more money than if you’d simply purchased a re-fillable kit in the first place. This kit has a refillable palette, so when one color runs out, they can simply purchase a refill for a few bucks. The kit can live on for every annual event the church or school does.

The Smile Painter Set is created to be kept by the school or church for years to come, so that they can properly equip whoever is able to volunteer with the instructions and proper supplies they need…all at a FRACTION of the cost of hiring a professional for even one hour, one time.

We had to take this kit out of the shop for a little while, after some major price hikes went into effect with a manufacturer we were getting many of the supplies from.  The original $60.00 kit jumped up to $70.00, which I felt still left it a little out of reach for the average school or church volunteer.  So, with some re-vamping, replacing the makeup and brushes with high quality, professional Wolfe makeup and brushes, we were able to improve the kit while bringing the price WAY down from $70.00 to only $55.00!  And you STILL save over $5.00 versus purchasing every item individually!

Check it out today, if you are someone looking for help with your church or school functions!  It gives you just enough of the professional quality items that you can’t find in your local craft store, and the book outlines any other supplies that you can gather yourself around your home or local store. 

There is one other supply item that is not in the kit, as I felt that not everybody may want it included, and that is glitterBut it is very important to also stress that if you decide to use glitter, that you ONLY use glitters that are FDA approved for cosmetic use. Metallic craft glitters are extremely dangerous for face painting, as they can scratch the cornea.  You can check out our full line of safe, gorgeous, cosmetic glitter products here!

Good luck with your first face painting attempts, use safe and FDA approved supplies, and most importantly, have FUN!

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