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New Step by Step Trading Cards!

This is a super fun new addition to our shop…step by step trading cards! And the best part is, we will include one of these cards for FREE with any order of $50 or more! Collect them, trade them, use them for a starting point for your own practice sessions, or pass them around at your next jam to get the ideas going! We will have an assortment of cheek art, masks, full faces, and other body art.

Every card is printed in full color, and each design will show 4 steps. And don’t forget, on top of these fun cards, we are still offering FREE shipping on all orders of $100 or more! (Use code SHIP100 at checkout)  And that’s not the slow, show-up-at-your-door-beat-to-heck kind of shipping…it’s PRIORITY mail shipping, which arrives within 1-3 business days in the continental US, with tracking and insurance….because as face painters, we KNOW how hard you work for every dollar that you spend on supplies, and we want every order to arrive in tact!!
So now’s the time to stock up on your supplies for your upcoming spring and summer gigs!  If you’re looking for even more deals, be sure to like our Facebook page, and subscribe to our FREE monthly e-newsletter.  We put out at least one coupon code every month that can be used on TOP of your free shipping discount!
Happy painting!!  🙂