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December Paint Jam Recap!

We had a great time at this month’s Face Paint Jam!!  Almost every time I host a jam (I try to do them about once a month or so), we have one or two people who come for the first time.  I LOVE having these regular opportunities to bring new painters into the fold, and introduce long time painters to our close community who didn’t realize we had such a great, supportive group right in our area.  I say it every time we get together…every time we do this, I learn some new, great tidbits of information from someone!  I do NOT know everything there is to know about face and body painting, and nobody does.  But most of us have little things we’ve picked up here and there that we don’t realize most other people don’t know, and when we combine all of that knowledge and experience, we ALL grow in our art!

We don’t have any tight structure to our jams…we bring food, paint, and let it go from there.  Sometimes we all work on a particular theme, sometimes we just pull up our inspiration boards and paint what we’ve been wanting to try.  Sometimes we have kids to paint, sometimes we paint each other.  This month we had another great used/new paint and supply swap/sale…big thanks especially to Tina Carroll and her awesome stash of goodies!

The used/new paint and supply sale/swap was FULL this month!

We had moms painting babies, kids painting each other, practice templates and plastic heads adorned with some great stuff!

 We practiced Pinterest inspired designs, made up stuff on the fly, and put together new paint kits.

 And don’t forget the good food!!  There is never a shortage of sugar in my house around Christmas time. We even got to see my Christmas tree fall over for the second time…ha ha!! Thanks much to Anita Beal for holding it up while I figured out where to start with the mess! (It’s really nice and stable now, by the way! Knock on wood!)

Big thanks to everyone who came out to “play” this month…looking forward to brightening up our upcoming cold, gray, MN winter months with some more colorful jams!!  To keep up to date on our jams, be sure to follow Paintertainment on Facebook, as that is where I post events!

Happy painting!

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