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‘Tis the Season to put SMILES on faces!!

Christmas gigs are my favorite!!  I love having a time of year when I can remove ALL of my regular designs from my board and do nothing but Christmas…something I don’t get to do for the other 11 months of the year!  Not that I don’t love painting a good Spidey or butterfly, but it’s always nice to get a break from the “usual” stuff.

Here are a few photos from my Christmas events this year!

I brought along my Christmas photo prop boards to the tree lighting event we do each year, and they were a hit! It was really fun watching even the dads pick them up and pretend to be an elf for a photo!

I especially love using my star rhinestones at Christmas time, to top the Christmas trees! (below, center of the top row).  Liquid Bling makes really amazing and quick ornaments, too.

One stroke cakes really helped us create some amazing yet super fast poinsettia and holly designs. 

I wasn’t able to get any photos of the balloons I did at one of the events I had with Santa, being that I was SO busy! But, I did manage to get a photo of myself with Santa Carlucci and Cheryl Claus at the end of the evening…

One of my favorite events of the year is one that I do at no charge…twisting balloons for my Grandpa’s memory care home at their Christmas party! Whenever I have a volunteer event, I bring along my little man Sam who is learning to twist! It’s a great opportunity for him to learn at actual events, without the pressure of being hired.  This one in particular is fun though because we get to see a bunch of family as well!  I always get plenty of photos at this event because my Mom is GREAT at that! 😉

This year I also had the honor of painting some of the little actors and dancers in our church‘s Christmas program!  I arrived early this morning and painted Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Linus, who were all really simple faces.  But, they still read pretty well from back in the audience!

 There wasn’t a ton of time and I was asked to “give the dancers a little sparkle,” so I went with a base of pearl white, swirls of paint and liquid bling, and stars with a TAP star stencil. This worked out pretty well I think…they were all quick and cohesive, yet they each got their own color combinations to match their outfits!

All in all it was really an amazing December for Paintertainment! Somehow I managed to squeak in a couple last minute bookings, which is rarely possible on this busy month.  I got to paint with several of my very talented artist friends, I had opportunities to do both balloons and face painting, and try out some new products and techniques, and I already have clients wanting to book dates for next December.  We got a great paint jam on the calendar which was a lot of fun, too!  In the midst of a busy month, I was able to spend plenty of time with my family as well…painting with my mom, twisting with my boys at my Grandpa’s party, and seeing my own boys shine their lights in the Christmas program at church.  Who could ask for anything more?!  Well, okay, I might be tempted to ask for snow for Christmas…this is REALLY weird having open water and green grass in Minnesota this close to Christmas…but I’m not going to push it!!

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and blessed new year!