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REAL TIME Cheek Art, recorded On the Job

I see a lot of YouTube videos of thorough, step by step tutorials. These are GREAT for learning and perfecting new designs!! But they are slowed down a lot for explanations and don’t give you an idea of how long the design will take at an actual job.

I also see a lot of SPED UP, time lapse videos.  These are really fun to show how a design comes together from start to finish, especially intricate designs that take a long time to paint. But these often are not the kind of designs you can do on the job when you have a long line.

I have published videos of both these types on my channel. However, there seems to be a lack of videos out there of face painting being done in REAL TIME, and at REAL GIGS.  That is where the idea for this next video was born from!

In this video you can see me painting some of my cheek art designs, on the job, during my busiest day of the county fair.  Yes, I do a lot of awesome full face designs too!  But I’ve decided to record myself doing cheek art to help dispel some myths out there that cheek art is way more time consuming than full faces, because it doesn’t have to be.  In these videos I am not going all out and embellishing on the designs (which I sometimes do if there is no line), but at the same time, I am not rushing myself at all. This is my normal pace, and most of my cheek art designs take less than 2 minutes.  Many are around 1 minute.

Cheek art really CAN be cute, quality, and FAST when you get the technique down!! This is what I have been attempting to teach in my “Achieving Detail with Speed” workshops, and in my next book! Check out the video below, or watch it here on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel while you’re there!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting!

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