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So many new products!

Well, I haven’t posted in a little while as I’ve just been crazy busy getting my boys back to school and catching up on the pile of work I’ve been saving for when the boys get back to school! 😉 But among the craziness I’ve been adding a lot to the shop!

We are now offering glitter tattoos and supplies! Check out this entire new section, where you’ll find tattoo stencils, an expanded assortment of glitter, adhesive, brushes, tweezers, alcohol wipes, mica powder, & glitter storage solutions!

We’ve expanded our assortment of glitter colors!

oh so many tattoo stencils…this is just one! 😉

We have tweezers in pointed and this slanted style to help you grab those tiny loose pieces of stencil film!
More new options for storing your loose glitters

Empty lip gloss containers you can refill with body glue!

Body glue too of course! (order now before it dips below freezing here in MN!)
Mica powder for those pesky anti-glitter clients! 😉

Brushes ideal for freehand glitter tattoos, sturdy enough to stand up to body glue and alcohol!

Eyeshadow crease brushes are fluffy enough to pick up lots of glitter when using stencils! We have two sizes!

Long handled kabuki brush for brushing away loose glitter
Alcohol wipes, perfect for cleaning the skin before applying tattoos!

And have you seen the new Pixie Paint by Amerikan Body Art?  AH-mazing. I finally had a chance to try some out the other night on a couple belly paintings, and I’m in love.  Some new products you think are really cool, but you’ll maybe use them on 1 or 2 designs and it’ll end up just another thing taking up space in your kit.  This stuff…well, let’s just say I’m going to have to hold myself back from putting it on EVERYTHING.  It glides on beautifully with a fan rake brush, and it’s just so fun to watch the trail of bright, chunky glitters appear, staying right where you put them! Want even more glitz and opacity? Simply poof, dab, or spray on more cosmetic glitter while the aloe gel is still wet!

1 oz jars of Pixie Paint, available in 6 colors for $6.99 each!

Last night I hosted a belly painting jam which was a BLAST! So stay tuned for photos from that! Until then, thanks so much for stopping by and happy painting!  🙂

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