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Celebrate Day 66: “Cereal Day!”

Happy Cereal Day!  Today’s post is inspired by one of my boys’ favorite cereals, Lucky Charms! (oh who am I kidding…it’s still one of my favorites too, right up there with Reese’s Puffs!). Sam was such a great sport sitting for this one for over an hour! Of course it helped that I finally got a TV in my studio so he could watch some cartoons while he sat! 😉

I was about to cover him in Paradise Amazon green and luckily stopped myself just in time…man, that stuff stains like crazy and he would have been totally green the next day for church, haha!  Instead I treated myself to a brand new cake of Global Fresh Green…my least staining brand.  (Check out my stain test!)

For this painting I put together a time lapse video! Check it out

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