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New Products: “Deb’s Dotters” Now Shipping!

I say it at every paint jam…every single time I get together with my painty friends I learn something new!  Besides all of the great tips and tricks we all share with each other, I always love to hear what my friends’ favorite products are, and get suggestions for new things to carry in my store.  SO much of my shop is there because fellow painters requested it! This past jam was no exception, as one of my wonderful artist friends Deb introduced us to these awesome little tools for making tiny and perfectly uniform dots

Yes, we do have Dotting Wands, small foam daubers and Mehron Detailz available in the shop… so what’s different about these dotters?  After trying this out myself I totally fell in love. These make completely foolproof, uniform dots because they are not a spongy, foam tip.  With the foam dotting tools, the harder you press, the more the sponge spreads out, and the larger the dots you get.  This is great when you want to achieve a bunch of different sizes, but makes it tougher to achieve many tiny dots of the same diameter.  Because there is no sponge on Deb’s Dotters, you don’t get much variation in the diameter of your dots…meaning they remain quite uniform regardless of the pressure you apply.  The tiny hairs on the tip of the dotter grab the paint, and can be applied either by simply touching the skin or pressing and twisting.  They are surprisingly durable and are reusable! However, Deb recommends that you get a few of them because their size makes them easy to lose.  At just 10 cents each, you won’t break the bank by stocking up!

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