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Tuesday Tips @ Ten: Super Easy Snowflakes!

Happy Tuesday! Today I’d like to share a great tip that I learned from my artist friend Linda John! I’ll show you her cool trick for making super easy snowflakes without using any stencils or even a brush!

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Tuesday Tips @ 10: 6 Ways to paint Fireworks!

Happy Tuesday and happy independence day!! Today I thought it would be fitting to show you 6 different ways to paint fireworks!

I hope you have a fun filled day of painting patriotic designs…please feel free to comment and share what YOU painted this year!

  • Topaz Stars Mirror Eye Stencil
    Topaz Stars Mirror Eye Stencil
  • Topaz Stencils - Fireworks Mirror Eyes
    Topaz Stencils – Fireworks Mirror Eyes
  • Topaz Stencils - Tiny Bunch O' Stars Texture
    Topaz Stencils – Tiny Bunch O’ Stars Texture
  • TAP Fireworks Stencil
    TAP Fireworks Stencil
  • Art Factory Festival Glitter
    Art Factory Festival Glitter
  • BAM 1039 Scattered Stars
    BAM 1039 Scattered Stars
  • TAG One Stroke Split Cakes
    TAG One Stroke Split Cakes
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Step by Step Easter Bunny Eye

The lake outside of my studio may still be frozen, but spring is technically here, haha! As I wait for those elusive 50 and 60 degree days in the extended forecast to reach me, I’ve decided to do a little Easter and springtime painting! Not only to get into the springy mood myself, but to warm myself up for my Easter gigs which start this weekend! In honor of spring’s inevitable return, today I wanted to share this simple little eye design…a bunny peeking around some eggs!

First, do a quick “sketch” outline of the eggs and bunny. I used a small, round brush with a little white.

Next, fill in the eggs with whatever springy colors and patterns you like! Try stripes, polka dots, zig zags, or just solid color! Experiment with metallic paints if you wish! I used my Cameleon small blending brush to blend the colors of the egg over to my eyelid.

With a round brush, fill in the white of the bunny. Add a few pink details inside the ears and the nose. I like to use a little light blue to add shading to white objects…it gives them a little dimension and a bit more color!

Outline the design with a fine, round brush and your favorite black. I like Wolfe black for my outlines. I also used some tiny dotters to add polka dots to my eggs here!

Add some fun flourishes around the design! I used my new Topaz Fleur Mirror eye stencil, combined with my Topaz Tiny Bubbles stencil. I then used a Deb’s Dotter to add a few more colorful dots to tie it all together.

I finished off the design with some “Capricorn” glitter creme by Amerikan Body Art…one of my favorites for the bright, cheery colors, and it blended perfectly with my colorful polka dots!

I have another fun Easter design that I will share soon, and hopefully some more as my schedule allows over the coming week! Stay tuned! Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy painting!

  • Topaz Stencils - Fleur Mirror Eye
    Topaz Stencils – Fleur Mirror Eye
  • Topaz Stencil - Tiny Bubbles
    Topaz Stencil – Tiny Bubbles
  • Amerikan Body Art Glitter Cremes
    Amerikan Body Art Glitter Cremes
  • Deb's Dotters
    Deb’s Dotters
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Christmas Face Paintings!

Lately I’ve been having some fun painting some lesser known Christmas special/movie characters and posting them on our Facebook page! Here are a few I’ve done so far…there are more coming next week, so make sure to like and follow us on Facebook for more fun inspiration to come!

“Pink Nighmare!” from A Christmas Story – painted on myself
“Charlie-in-the-Box” from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – painted on myself! (Using some Ooh! Snowflake stencils!)
“Hocus Pocus” from Frosty the Snowman – painted on myself! (Using some Ooh! Snowflake stencils!)
“Abominable” (Buble!) – painted on my son Toby! (Using some Ooh! Snowflake stencils!)

Okay, this one below is not a particular movie character, however, it was an idea that came out of the Charlie-in-the-Box design with the pom poms! I thought they would make cute snowballs! 😀

“Snowball Fight” – painted on my son Sam! (Using some Ooh! Snowflake stencils!)

Here are a few of the products I used for the snowflakes in many of these designs…I love the short kabuki brush for detailed stencil designs, and am totally in love with these Ooh! Snowflake stencils!!

  • W07 Ooh! Snowflake Wrap
    W07 Ooh! Snowflake Wrap
  • W08 Ooh! Snowflake Wrap
    W08 Ooh! Snowflake Wrap
  • Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
    Short Kabuki Stencil Brush

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for some more fun Christmas designs next week, as well as photos from our upcoming weekend events!

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New Images Added to Work Examples!

Each summer as my number of face painting gigs ramp up, I get more inspired to create new designs.  This past week I’ve been using both myself and my 3 and a half year old as models to try out a few ideas that I hope to add to my selection.  I’ve just recently added some photos of these designs to my work examples page (along with another new animated GIF!), but you can also check them out below!

(above:) On the top two, “Barbie Eyes” and “Frog Eye,” my eyes are actually closed, and I’ve painted eyes on my eyelids.  This is particularly difficult for me to do on myself, being that I am nearly blind without my glasses on, & can only get so close to the mirror with the brush in my hand!  The bottom two are of the same alien, with and without a black background.

 (above:) These are really fun for kids because they can make the mouths open and close.  Sammy loves fishing, especially since we’ve recently moved to a home on a lake, so we had to do a fish and a worm!

(above:) On the top is a frog I painted on my mouth.  Below Sammy is sporting the usual shark I’ve always done as “cheek art,” only now his mouth is aligned with the shark’s mouth.

Stay tuned for more new additions, and thanks for looking!