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NEW “Coloring Book” Style Window Paintings

We are having so much fun with this fun, interactive style of window painting! It’s a great way for your kids to be a part of the art, and the perfect way to entertain and celebrate occasions during the pandemic with no contact necessary!

We paint a design using only white linework on the outside of your window, with our outdoor paint that can last for weeks.

No-contact fun…we’ll paint on the outside of the window!

Inside the house, you and your kids can color in the design using chalk markers or window markers, just like a giant coloring book! (Scroll down for our recommended markers for coloring it in!)

Chalk markers are easy to wipe off with a damp paper towel or cloth, so your kids can color again and again! And when you’re all done with it, just let us know and we’ll come out to remove the outside paint for you.

Outside view, before adding color

Inside view, after coloring
Outside view, after coloring

Chalk Marker Recommendations

Here are a few great chalk markers that we’ve tried and recommend, and a photo of what they look like on the window!

Here’s how they look on the window. All were super easy to wipe off with a damp cloth! If your kids get a little crazy with markers, we’d recommend taping off any porous, wood window trim.

The “Chalktastic” and “MRNKI” brand chalk markers give the best, brightest, opaque coverage. But, they do have an extra step when you get them…you have to shake them up and push the tip down for a few seconds to get a flow of liquid chalk. These show up great through the window too! The Expo neon window markers were fun too for neon colors…not as bright as chalk markers but they are super easy to just open the cap and use, like kids are used to. The Crayola “Crystal Effects” are really fun! They are really hard to see while you are coloring, but as the ink dries, you get a crystallized effect on the window. We used these markers for the sun and some of the water in this design.

Visit our window painting page for more information, or to book YOUR custom “coloring book” window!

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Window Paint Removal

Yesterday I removed some window paint that had been on my vehicle for a month and a half! In general it still looked great…just now starting to crinkle in one spot. But, it was time to take it off. Here’s a video of how the removal went!

Last month I removed the super fun birthday Yoda painting I did, however, due to user error my GoPro did not record it. It was a bit more stubborn to get off, but came off nice and clean!

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Introducing Our New “Future Face Painters Club!”

Does your chid LOVE to have their face painted? Have they always wanted to BE the face painter? Well now we have put together a special club just for kids like yours! Designed for kids age 6 through 13, the Future Face Painters Club gives your child the instruction and supplies they need to explore the fun world of face painting!

How does it work?

When you purchase a Future Face Painters Club Kit, we will mail you a cool binder that contains information, sheets to take notes and sketch designs, practice faces and a board to paint on, and a convenient 3-ring zipper pouch stuffed with brushes, safe cosmetic glitter and professional quality paints!

Your purchase automatically gives you access to our members only website, which contains video tutorials to help get your child started in the fun world of face painting! We realize that there are a lot of options out there for kids when it comes to activities, and nobody wants to spend a fortune on supplies for something their child will lose interest in, so that is why we’ve started with the most basic and economical, yet quality professional supplies in their kit!

If you discover that your child has really developed a love for face painting, you can choose to invest in their new hobby by adding to their kit as they learn new techniques and skills explained through tutorials our website. There are endless options for face painting supplies, but we’ve made it easy by recommending logical next steps for your child, and your membership entitles you to an exclusive 10% discount on additional supplies!

We also have a members only Facebook page, where your child can share their work with professional face painters and other kids who love to paint!

Members of our Future Face Painters Club will be allowed to join our private Facebook group to share their work with professional artists and other kids!

Win a FREE Club Kit and 1 year Membership!!

As a fun way to launch our new kids’ club and get it off the ground, we are putting on a COLORING CONTEST! Two grand prize winners will receive a full club kit and annual membership to the club!! We also have some super fun 2nd and 3rd place prizes, all of which will be awarded to two age groups. Click HERE to learn more, read the rules and print out the contest to color!

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Now Offering Virtual Zoom Paint Parties!

We are super excited to announce one of our pandemic projects…something that has been in the works now for months: Live zoom paint parties!

How Does It Work?

First, you book your actual party date and time, simply by filling out a form on our zoom party page! We’ll get back to you to arrange the time and send an invoice. (Booking a virtual party includes a full 1-year membership for the birthday child to our Future Face Painters Club, including the full club kit full of supplies and instruction!)

Once your date is booked, you put together your guest list and we’ll help invite them AND equip them with the supplies they need to paint along! We’ll create a pdf invite with your party details that can be sent out to your guests. If you wish, you can send us a photo of your child that we can turn into a practice board! We’ll include that with the invite and your party guests can paint their practice designs right on the birthday child’s face!

Once you know how many will attend, decide how you’d like to get our party guest packs out to each guest! (pick them up from us and distribute yourself, have us ship them all to you, or ship to each individual guest) Our mini party packs include the paints, glitter and brushes each child needs to paint along, in a convenient zipper pouch with your Zoom call information!

Party Time!

When the party day arrives, everyone logs into Zoom for a live session with a professional artist! We’ll give the kids a basic lesson in how to use their paints, and show them how to paint a design or two, in about 30-40 minutes. You can even request a specific theme for the designs, or we can incorporate a favorite sport, hobby or character of the birthday child!

The Fun Doesn’t Stop There!

The fun doesn’t end when the live zoom stops, however! Kids have been known to keep painting for hours afterwards! You are encouraged to set up an additional conference call with the kids so they can continue painting together as long as you wish! Afterwards, we’ll encourage your guests to share photos of the paintings they’ve done. The birthday child can also get access to our club members’ Facebook group where he or she can share their work with us and other artistic kids as they continue to learn and build their skills through the Future Face Painters Club members only content library!

Discovered a New Passion?

Should you discover that your child has really taken to face painting and has found a new passion, our members only online learning resources will show your child more techniques and skills, and we can recommend additional supplies if you choose to grow your child’s kit of supplies. Likewise, if one of your party guests wants to upgrade their party pack to the full club kit, we offer that as well!

Learn More or Book a Party!

Interested? To learn more about our virtual paint parties, check out our virtual party page, here! And feel free to contact us if you still have any questions!