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Summer Treat Tutorials!

Some kids are getting back to school but here in Minnesota we still stretch out summer vacation until Labor Day! In honor of those final weeks of summer we just want to remind you that there’s still time to enjoy summer treats with these fun tutorials!

The colorful dots in the background were created using double-loaded small, foam daubers! Just load, press and twist!
Finally the perfect design for my TAG Carnival Base Blender! I used my new “Ooh!” star stencil for this…I don’t carry them in my store YET, but as soon as Covid is done ravaging my business, Ooh! Stencils are on the top of my list of new products to add!!
  • Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
    Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
  • TAG Base Blenders
    TAG Base Blenders
  • Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 90 gram
    Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 90 gram

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Birthday Window Painting: Happy 13th Birthday Wyatt!

We’ve recently started offering window paintings as a fun, no-contact alternative to help you celebrate your family’s milestones! Window paintings are great for birthdays, graduations and other special events, especially in quarantine! Last weekend I had the opportunity to paint a surprise birthday window for Wyatt! Above is my initial sketch, with the final window in the background.

Here you can see the progression. First I start by cleaning the window, then apply a base coat of white. In the center photo you can see the gradient I laid down for the “13th.” I then carved out the numbers & letters using a razor blade!

There’s just something that is oh so satisfying about scraping off fresh paint! Haha!

Me with the finished product!

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Wet Paint Magazine Fall Issue: NOW LIVE!

The fall issue of Wet Paint Magazine is now live! We have just ordered our own copies for the shop, so won’t have them ready to ship for another week or so. However, if you live outside the US or you just don’t want to wait for us to get them, you can order now through our printer, Blurb.

  • Wet Paint Magazine – Vol 4 Issue 3 – Fall 2020
    Wet Paint Magazine – Vol 4 Issue 3 – Fall 2020

My how quickly and drastically life can change on a dime! This time last year I was writing an article about my busiest summer ever, my first year launching the “Glitter Glamper” at the MN state fair! And now, here I sit in the middle of summer without a gig on the calendar.

Strange times. Trying times. Unprecedented times.  Uncertain times. Whatever you call these “times,” they have certainly been particularly challenging for those of us whose livelihoods depend on events with large gatherings of many people! 

At the moment it seems as though many artists, unless they have the luxury of being able to financially “wait it out” or have taken on another job, are either attempting to get back to work in some capacity, or they are focusing on pivoting their business in a new direction. Both are difficult decisions that require a lot of hard work, and what’s the right choice for one artist isn’t necessarily right for another. We are all in different places right now, and that is why I feel that now is a great time for artists to share their varying perspectives and plans, and for everyone to open their minds and take in whatever experiences and advice are useful to them. For this reason, in the fall issue we have interviewed a variety of artists going back to work (page 6), and also those who are exploring other avenues for the time being (page 22). 

I have also had the pleasure of interviewing Monique and Annabel, the creators of the wonderful new, online face painting platform called “Smile Creators!” (page 32) The fabulous Elodie Ternois has not only done us the honor of answering our “Pro Artist Q&A” questions for this issue (page 38), but has also sent us a gorgeous unicorn step-by-step (page 45)! Check out page 37 for some fun Halloween glam inspiration by Marianne Janssen, a couple Minion step-by-steps on pages 28 and 30 by yours truly,  and our face, body and belly art galleries!

Whatever place you and your business is in right now, I hope that this magazine finds you healthy, hopeful, and finding creative ways to utilize your talents when our world needs them the most. Hang in there, painty friends, and keep creating!

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Easy, On-the-Job Minion Tutorials

Are you a purple minion or yellow? Well, either way you’re in luck! I’ve just finished two really simple, on-the-job minion designs, both yellow and purple! You can leave them as-is, or you can get creative and add some 3D google eyes! Check out the videos below, or you can hop on over to our YouTube channel to watch these and more!

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Coloring Contest Winners Announced!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Future Face Painters Club coloring contest today!! The contest was divided up into two age groups: 6-9 and 10-13. We only had two entries in our 10-13 age group…both VERY worthy of prizes as they did an amazing job!! But since we had an extra 3rd place prize to give out, we decided to give out two 3rd place prizes to our younger age group! Here are the winning entries and some judges’ comments!

All winners have been sent an email with details to claim their prizes. If your child won and you have not received this email, please contact me! Thanks so much for entering, and happy painting!!

Winners from age group 6-9

Winners Age Group 10-13