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Step by Step Juggling Snowman!

The snowfall here in Minnesota the past couple of days has been MAGICAL! My favorite kind…the thick, fluffy kind that falls slowly like a snow globe and sticks to the branches, making everything look like a fairy land! Here are just a few pics I took in my yard:

Today felt like just the perfect photo backdrop for me to paint a little snowball juggling snowman idea that I drew in my sketchbook during my paint jam earlier this month!

Here’s a little time lapse tutorial!

  • W07 Ooh! Snowflake Wrap
    W07 Ooh! Snowflake Wrap
  • Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 45 gram
    Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 45 gram
  • Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
    Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
  • 12 mil Empty Body Glue Vial
    12 mil Empty Body Glue Vial
  • Pros-Aide II
    Pros-Aide II
  • BAM Copy Cat Halftone Pattern
    BAM Copy Cat Halftone Pattern
  • Deb's Dotters
    Deb’s Dotters
  • Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 90 gram
    Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 90 gram
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Fall Window Paintings!

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of a season for me this fall! October has always been super busy with Halloween events, but since adding window painting to my repertoire two years ago, it is now also the season for that final rush of exterior window paintings before the temperatures drop too much!

Dunkin’ Donuts keeps me busy year round, as I now paint six stores seasonally. This fall was the first time I repeated the same design across all stores, because they were running a promotion! Here are some photos and videos!

In addition to the happy hour promotion, I also did a new “now hiring” message on two stores, and added a coffee bean promotion to one of the drive-through windows! Since painting on the drive through window would get in the way of customers, I ended up painting that one on a piece of adhesive-backed clear vinyl and applying it between cars to the window. With the exception of one brand new store, these jobs also included removal of the previous windows. Every window project I quote includes FREE removal when you want it down!

New Clients…

I also took on two new clients this fall: Snap Fitness and Genesis Dance Company! Luckily we had a stint of record high temperatures here in early November, so I was able to squeak in a couple more exterior paintings!

It’s really been a FUN fall, and I already have two interior Christmas windows booked for the end of this month! If you are interested in booking your own window project, click here to learn more and request a quote!

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Step-by-Step: Googly Ghost

Let’s have some more fun with googly eyes!!

Want to offer some googly eyes to your designs but don’t have a lot of them on hand? You can make them stretch twice as far by making your characters WINK! 😉

This little ghost is SUPER simple and only requires ONE googly eye!

Step 1:

Using a round brush loaded with your favorite blue (I’m using FAB Shimmery snow petrol!), outline the curves of your ghost, and then paint around that for a background.

Step 2:

Fade the edges of your blue background. I love to use my Cameleon large blending brush for this!

Step 3:

Add some stars! I’m using my Ooh! Star Flip stencil and a finger dauber loaded up with yellow. First I lay down the stencil and use a makeup remover wipe to wipe away the blue, then apply the yellow paint, and finally tap on some yellow glitter before removing the stencil. This gives me crisp, clear, bright yellow stars that are glittery only ON the stars!

Step 4:

Fill in the ghost with white. I’m using Wolfe white and a round brush. Add a little dimension with some light blue if you wish!

Step 5:

Clean away a spot where your google eye will go. I use mini daubers to do this but a wipe works too, or a clean brush. Using a small round brush loaded with black (I’m using Wolfe black), outline the design and add the mouth and winking eye. Add a little tongue if you like!

Step 6:

Adhere one googly eye with Pros-Aide II (it is easier to remove than the original Pros-Aide, which I reserve for glitter tattoos), and finish it off with some chunky glitter! I used Vivid Candy Cosmos up in the sky, and Amerikan Body Art Biosphere on the ghost.

  • Vivid Gleam Glitter Cream – 30g Jars
    Vivid Gleam Glitter Cream – 30g Jars
  • Ooh! Star Flip
    Ooh! Star Flip
  • Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 45 gram
    Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 45 gram
  • Neon Google Eyes - 160 pieces
    Neon Google Eyes – 160 pieces
  • Pros-Aide II
    Pros-Aide II
  • Amerikan Body Art Glitter Cremes
    Amerikan Body Art Glitter Cremes
  • Amerikan Body Art Loose Cosmetic Glitter
    Amerikan Body Art Loose Cosmetic Glitter
  • FAB Shimmer 45g Makeup
    FAB Shimmer 45g Makeup