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Dakota County Fair 2010 Comes To A Close…

Another Dakota County Fair has sadly come to a close!  I had a great time painting again this year. 

It’s definitely harder for me now that I have 2 kids, plus one who is still nursing, to be gone so much. But, I am very thankful to have had my mom painting with me again this year, so I could spend a few half-days and a full week day with my boys, knowing the booth was in EXCELLENT hands!

This year was our 2nd least profitable year…I think it was a combination of the extremely hot weather and the not-so-hot economy. Regardless, I always am glad I did it in the end.  While it makes me feel a little old, it’s fun to paint kids in 4th or 5th grade who have been painted every year since they were old enough to sit still!  It’s also a lot of fun to see faces from my past.  Every year is like a class/family reunion, spending a week in the county where I grew up.

For my last day at the fair, I decorated my arm with this eagle…a new design this year.  I added in the flag ribbon thingy.  😉

In addition to my fabulous artist mom, I couldn’t do this without my super supportive husband.  He really IS supportive, literally, as you can see here…supporting our 7 month old and my boards, tearing down the booth Sunday night!

He takes time off from his very demanding job as a director to be with our boys when I’m at the fair.  He even drove us from Ohio back to Minnesota for the fair every year for the 4 years we lived out there.  He does everything he can to support my business ventures, and I am so grateful!

I’ll close off my last county fair post for the year with a few shots that I took around the fair!

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My History With The Dakota County Fair

My mom just pulled out this great photo of my siblings and I at the Dakota County Fair! Yup, that's me on the left. Here are a few "fun facts" about my own history with the fair!

– I grew up in Dakota County (Eagan, Inver Grove Heights, and Lakeville), and have never missed a single year of the fair in my 31 years, even while living in Ohio for 4 years.

– I have entered artwork in the fair from kindergarten through adulthood and still have a box full of my ribbons!

– One of my favorite things to do was to collect business cards from all the booths in the commercial buildings. Now I'm handing them out!

– The Dakota County Fair remains the one and only fair that I face paint at!

– I shared the booth with my sister 13 years ago…she did airbrush t-shirts!

– My mom, who has face painted with me for the past 7 years, has won many awards for her art in the fair through the years, and she did painting demonstrations several years. My dad and brother also won awards this year for their homemade wine!

– My booth at the fair was where my business, "Paintertainment," was born.

– I've been featured in a few newspaper articles for my fair booth. Check out

– I miss the "Lollies by Lee" booth. My Dad used to let us pick out a home made lollipop there. The booth smelled like sugary heaven!

Thanks for all the fun memories! I can't wait to make new ones with my little boys!


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Dakota County Fair 2010…Day 2

Today is day two of my 13th year at the Dakota County Fair! My mom has been painting 10:00-4:00 while I paint 4:00-10:00. Then she will be here all day Thursday, and I will be here all day Friday through Sunday!

So far it has been a slow start, however, in my many years here we always end up doing about the same each year in the end.

Here are a few photos that my mom took of kids she's painted, and a couple that I did on my own arm! New designs this year include Yo Gabba Gabba, Max and Ruby, Dora, Diego and "the map," more Thomas characters, and Kai Lan! Can you tell I'm inspired by my two year old? 😉

Well, better get running…rain is coming down again and people are piling into the building! Hopefully my little VW beetle will make it through the deep mud ruts in the parking lot tonight…!

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River City Days 2010- day 2

I'm just wrapping up hour 7 of 8 today down in Red Wing! A little rain came through, but luckily passed on by just before I started painting at noon. A slight breeze, in addition to my umbrella and little shade tree, is making the heat and humidity just bearable enough!

Sammy got James on his arm today, and as you can see above, he promptly wiped the food off his face with his arm and was left with a paint "stash!" the humidity and sweaty skin does tend to make the paint take longer to dry! 😉

Today I tested out the new Dharma logo on my arm! It was another great day and for me, end to another great year at River City Days!! The fun will go on, however, as my mom takes over with painting tomorrow from 12:00 until 6:00, so I can go set up my booth at the Dakota County Fair.

Many thanks to all of you who came by to get your faces, arms, and legs painted…a few two days in a row! See you next year!!

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River City Days 2010…day one

We're all set up down in Red Wing, Minnesota this weekend, painting at River City Days! So far it's been beautiful weather and a great turnout. It's always so much fun doing this event every year, especially because I have my family with me all day!

Sammy, age 2.5, is now big enough to sit still long enough for Thomas and Percy to be painted on his legs!

I will be painting again tomorrow from 12:00 until 8:00, and my mom will take over on Sunday, 12:00-6:00, while I head over to Farmington to set up for the Dakota County Fair!

Come visit us this weekend, set up in Bay Point Park by the playground! Visit for event info!