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Tuesday Tips @ 10: Balloon Apron Organization

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Tips at Ten! Today’s tip is for balloon twisters, and I’m going to show you a cool little trick I recently came up with to help me know which balloons are in which little pocket on my apron! I’m always swapping out what’s in those pockets based on the event and theme, so I can never remember what is where. This trip keeps me from having to dig in all the pockets to find what I need!

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Step by Step Juggling Snowman!

The snowfall here in Minnesota the past couple of days has been MAGICAL! My favorite kind…the thick, fluffy kind that falls slowly like a snow globe and sticks to the branches, making everything look like a fairy land! Here are just a few pics I took in my yard:

Today felt like just the perfect photo backdrop for me to paint a little snowball juggling snowman idea that I drew in my sketchbook during my paint jam earlier this month!

Here’s a little time lapse tutorial!

  • W07 Ooh! Snowflake Wrap
    W07 Ooh! Snowflake Wrap
  • Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 45 gram
    Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 45 gram
  • Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
    Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
  • 12 mil Empty Body Glue Vial
    12 mil Empty Body Glue Vial
  • Pros-Aide II
    Pros-Aide II
  • BAM Copy Cat Halftone Pattern
    BAM Copy Cat Halftone Pattern
  • Deb's Dotters
    Deb’s Dotters
  • Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 90 gram
    Wolfe Hydrocolor Makeup 90 gram
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3 Ways to paint Ornaments!

Learn to paint 3 different Christmas ornaments in less than 2 minutes! Earlier this week I stumbled upon a fun way to paint an ornament using a split cake, and then decided to put it together into a tutorial with two more fun ornament designs! Ornaments can look really detailed but still be super quick if you use the right tools. Check out this time lapse for some fun, easy ideas, and scroll down for a list of tools used!

Here are some of the supplies I used:

Ornament #1:

– “Holly” Arty Cake
– TAG “Magpie” split cake
– BOLT Firm 1″ stroke brush
– Small round brush (#1 or #2)
– black, white, silver paint

Ornament #2:
– Large round dauber
– Small filbert brush
– Red, dark red, black, white & silver paint
– Small round brush (#1 or #2)

Ornament #3:
– 1/2″ flat brush
– Small round brush (#1 or #2)
– TAG “Magpie” split cake
– red, green, white, silver & black paint

  • BRUSHES – BOLT Flat Stroke
    BRUSHES – BOLT Flat Stroke
  • KingArt Round White Nylon Brushes
    KingArt Round White Nylon Brushes
  • 1" Daubers 3 pc Set
    1″ Daubers 3 pc Set
  • SillyFarm Arty Cakes
    SillyFarm Arty Cakes
  • Fusion Metallic & Pearl 25g
    Fusion Metallic & Pearl 25g
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Introducing: Tuesday Tips at Ten!

If you follow me on social media, you’re already way ahead of me here! It just dawned on me that I have failed to include my blog in the locations where I’m now sharing tips every Tuesday! SO, I’m going to take this opportunity to introduce my new “thing” to my blog readers here and get you all caught up!

Basically, every Tuesday at 10:00 am central time, I am going to be sharing some sort of tip with you! It could be face paint related or something for other art forms like balloons, glitter tattoos, etc. It could be a business tip. Some might be mind blowing, some might be “well duh, I already knew that!” But my goal is to share as many tips as I can come up with, and I hope that at least a few of them help you out in some way! I’ll try to keep them roughly 2 minutes long, give or take, but it’ll depend on the tip of course. Quick and helpful is my goal!

I started on Tuesday, November 22nd so there are a few already out there. I’ll post them below! And from here on out, I’ll try to remember to post these here on the blog so you don’t miss any if you are a blog subscriber! You also should be able to find these on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

SO, watch, subscribe, and enjoy! Please do comment if you find any of these useful…it helps me to know if I’m sharing good stuff or not! 😉 And if YOU have a great tip to share, send it our way! I’d love to share your tips too, and of course give YOU credit!

Thanks so much and happy painting!