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St. Patricks Day Face Painting Ideas!

St Patrick’s day is just around the corner!  Here are a few fun designs to inspire you! I do plan to add to this collection over the years, so be sure to check back every St Patrick’s day! Like what you see? Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook to see all my latest designs as I post them!

Here’s a fun leprechaun feet design! Ever worried that by adding more you’ll get too busy or go too overboard? Here’s a tip: take photos of your designs as you go along. That way if you think you’ve gone a tad overboard, you can “rewind” back to a previous state! It’s like a real life undo button! I took a photo above, and then below you can see how I went crazy with the bling!!

This one above uses Glitter Glaze for the drippy mask base, and it is then outlined (gold) and dotted (colored “gems”) with Liquid Bling! Up in the rainbow and surrounding the leprechaun I have used some Rainbow Pride Festival Glitter and Lucky Stars Pixie Paint! The little gold buckles on his shoes are also created with gold liquid bling!

This design above is super quick and simple, yet still impressive as it incorporates split cakes (I’m using Global summer crush here) and also chunky glitter! The glitter I used here for the gold pouring out of the pot is gold Pixie Paint “Lucky Stars” , and the rainbow I added some Rainbow Pride Festival Glitter!
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This smiley shamrock design above would be a great place to stick on some 3-dimensional googly eyes! I like to use the new Pros-Aide II which still sticks just as good as the original, but is easier to remove when it’s time to wash off. The original is great for glitter tattoos, but you don’t necessarily want this stuff to stick for weeks on your forehead, haha! Here I’ve used Global’s “Leanne’s Lollipop” for my rainbow, and then added some more “Rainbow Pride” Festival Glitter sprinkling down underneath!

Below is a more unique take on the pot-o-gold design, with an angle of the rainbow that you don’t normally see. This one enables you to put more focus on the pot of gold itself. Try blinging out the gold with some gemstones or gold liquid bling!

Here’s a little step by step with a list of tools I used!

A quick, fun design that looks great with some metallic gold makeup and rainbow cakes!

I always love cheek art, because it’s so versatile. You can put it on little hands and arms for kids who are nervous about getting painted on their face, yet you can turn it into a forehead or eye design by expanding it with stencil pattern backgrounds, chunky glitter and more! Here are a few little illustrations to start from that you can make big or small!

Here are a few larger designs I did myself just for fun….
This one I did for a St Patrick’s day contest/challenge online!
A St. Patrick’s themed dragon!
This one I painted for “National Cereal Day!” Look back into my blog history throughout the year 2017 and you can see every one of my daily posts, corresponding to that day’s “national day of whatever!”

I hope you all have a super fun St. Patrick’s Day! Happy painting!

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There’s No Place Like Home

What were you most thankful for this Thanksgiving? I know there are 13 children in Minnesota who were thankful just to have a family this Thanksgiving!

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of being a part of the Hennepin County Adoption Days event, which I’ve painted at with my mom for several years. During this year’s event 13 kids were adopted into 9 families.  According to their website, Hennepin County has finalized 1,761 adoptions from 2000 to 2009.

What a privilege to be able to take part in such a big day for so many families as they finalize their adoptions! This event is always held right before Thanksgiving, and serves as a timely reminder of what is really important in life.

“There’s no place like home”… this was the quote worn by one family who were all coordinated in custom made Wizard of Oz clothing for this year’s adoption days!  I had a lot of fun painting these ruby slippers, yellow brick road, and emerald city on the kids’ grandmother!

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Masquerade Masks!

I’ve had a couple requests in the past to paint groups of women before heading out for a masquerade themed bachelorette party.  Unfortunately none of them have panned out so I haven’t had the opportunity yet!  But, today I was inspired while browsing through a Google image search of Venetian masquerade masks and had to give it a try on myself…

This was really my first attempt at a mask, and boy am I ever blind when painting myself without my glasses on!  (And afterwards looking at photos, I’m always kicking myself for not putting on any makeup, pretty earrings, or something nicer looking than a sweatshirt, but oh well! It’s just practice!) I always have to literally paint in super slow motion when painting myself like this, so this one took about a half hour.  But, it turned out pretty cool in the end.  I had a lot of fun with my interferenz gold paint, metallic silver, and adding sparkly details with my Liquid Bling and also adhering some acrylic rhinestones with eyelash adhesive!

Once I get some more time to edit my other photos, maybe I’ll share the step by step process of this one too, if not here than on my free e-newsletter!

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Private Session: Father Frost & Mother Frost

I had the pleasure of painting “Father Frost” and “Mother Frost” on their way to a Halloween costume party last night!

Working on Mother Frost

For “Mother Frost” I used a mix of the regular Aquacolor paints (white & blues), and interferenz paints.  I used a little snowflake stencil which was pretty slick, and had fun adding details with a bottle of Mehron white Detailz paint and some Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling in silver. She brought her own sparkly blue eyelashes which were very cool, and also put on some pretty blue & aqua eyeshadow and lips!

 For “Father Frost” I first covered his face and head in a base coat of Interferenz Silver mixed with a little bit of Aquacolor white, which gave him that frosty, pale look with some shimmer.  Then I used more interferenz blues around his eyes to add some drama with the frosty cracks and icicles around his eyes.  Aquacolor white made a nice snowflake on his cheek, but I added some blue around it to make it really pop!  The blue sparkly dots done with Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling really added a lot when the light hit it as well! I also brushed a little interferenz blue in his beard too which worked well.  I’m kicking myself because I forgot to spritz his beard with a little Glitter Spray!  But, it all came out looking pretty cool! (pardon the pun!)

I have the joy of painting at Christmas parties each year for “Father Frost” when he plays Santa Carlucci.  “Mother Frost” plays a great “Cheryl Claus” at Christmas time and also made their incredible costumes.  Turns out they ended up winning first place in the costume contest at the party they attended, which was very cool and well earned as they put so much time and attention to detail into their costumes! Congrats, “Father & Mother Frost!”

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Dramatic Celebrity Face Paint Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Nobody wants to show up for a Halloween party and be asked, “so who are YOU supposed to be?!”  Choosing a Halloween persona that incorporates face painting is a great way to achieve the full effect and really look like who you’re trying to look like!

There are many movie characters, musicians & celebrities that can easily be mirrored with a little face paint! Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking this Halloween…

 Lady Gaga – Pretty much anything goes, but the above looks can be achieved with Aquacolor paints in the color of your choosing using brushes, paired up with some glitter, glitter spray, or go all out with some acrylic rhinestones attached with eyelash adhesive or spirit gum!

The Mad Hatter from Alice – Use some clown white or aquacolor white for a base, applied with a round or wedge sponge.  Then feather on the pink/red around the cheeks and eyes using Aquacolor paint with a wide brush or a sponge. (Don’t forget the makeup remover if you use the clown white or other Supracolor paint as it is not water based)

The Queen of Hearts from Alice – Use some clown white or aquacolor white for a base, applied with a round or wedge sponge.    Then add the blue eyelids and red heart shape over the lips using blue and red Aquacolor paint or supracolor paint and a brush.  Use a fine brush and black Supracolor or Aquacolor black for the little mole and black eyebrows.  OR, try a black Pro pencil or a bottle of Detailz!  You could even achieve this whole look using one 6-color Supracolor palette. (Don’t forget the makeup remover if you use the clown white or other Supracolor paint as it is not water based)

Captain Jack Sparrow – Use a brush with some Aquacolor white, black, and green to paint his extra eyes!

The Joker – Try wrinkling up your face while blotting on some Aquacolor white paint with a sponge.  This will help achieve those “cracks” of no paint where the wrinkles are.  Then get some red for the mouth and apply with a brush, and do a mix of black and green around the eyes.  Put a little extra water in the black and red to allow it to bleed into the cracks and you’ve got yourself one creepy looking Joker face!

KISS – Try some clown white or aquacolor white for a base applied with a round or wedge sponge.  Then add the black details with a brush and black Aquacolor paint.  Use metallic silver around the eyes if that’s the face you choose!

Blue Man Group – That’s an easy one!  Get an all black outfit and paint your head blue with Aquacolor paint! Use a round or wedge sponge to get quick coverage. (Pick up a skull cap if you’re not bald, or go all out and shave your head!)

Be sure to sign up for our FREE e-newsletter too if you haven’t already…the next one will be coming out in just days and will include a cute step-by-step Halloween bat cheek art design, as well as some really cool “sugar skull” designs!

Got something awesome planned for this Halloween involving face paint?  We’d love to see how it turns out and post your photos!  Contact me if you’d like to share your costume ideas, past or present!

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Merry Christmas from Paintertainment!

We had yet another wonderful December of face painting at Christmas events!

 This was my 3rd year and my mom’s 1st year painting at the Village at Mendota Heights‘ “Mendota Lights” Christmas event!  Above is a photo of the carolers that roam the mall during the event.

 This was also my 3rd and my mom’s 2nd years painting at Axel’s restaurant on a golf course in Woodbury with Santa Carlucci! (My mom and Santa, above!) Doesn’t he have an amazing outfit?!

 Santa Carlucci can even bring his sleigh and real reindeer along.  Here is a family having their photo taken in the sleigh.

Santa sure has a way of drawing in the kids!

I also really enjoyed doing another private event inside a skyway above the Holidazzle Parade downtown, with both Santa AND Mrs. Claus!
I am very fortunate to be Santa’s face painter of choice when he is visiting Minnesota from the North Pole!  Thanks Santa, for another fun Christmas season!
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How to Paint an Avatar Face for Halloween

Interested in dressing up like an Avatar character for Halloween but not sure where to start with painting your face?  You’ve come to the right place!  I just did a quick Avatar face painting on myself and photographed the process so you can see how to do it, step-by-step!

Please excuse the sloppiness of my painting…I am nearly blind without my glasses, so it was extremely hard for me to paint my eyes! (hence my blank stare)  But, hopefully this will give you the general idea!  Click on the images to see them blown up.

Step 1:  Obtain a face.  This is usually the easiest part. Tie your hair back if it’s long.
Step 2: Cover your face with a light blue paint.  I used a light blue that I mix myself from my Kryolan Aquacolor blue and white, and applied it with a natural sponge for quick coverage.  Stop at this step if you change your mind and want to be a member of Blue Man Group instead.
Step 3: Using a brush and a darker blue to begin painting stripes.  I started from the center of my face, forehead down to my nose, and added more working out from there.  To get the tapered look, I used a wide, flat #12 brush, starting with the bristles in a horizontal position and slowly rotating the bristles vertical as I brushed down.

Step 4: Continue adding stripes across your forehead and to your cheeks.
Step 5:  Add more stripes across your cheeks and chin, all the time starting from the edges of your face and working inward to get the tapered look.  At this point I took a brush with the lighter blue again and filled in a little more around my eyes.
Step 6:  Paint your lips purple  (or if you have purple lipstick, that would probably stay on better)

Step 7:  Closing one eyelid at a time (unless of course you have x-ray vision), paint the corners of each eyelid white.  You can leave the center empty because you’ll paint pupils there.
Step 8:  Paint yellow circles for the iris in the center of each eyelid.  You’ll get a nice, realistic effect if you also outline them with a little green, and blend to yellow in the center.
Step 9:  Paint black circles on the iris for the pupils.

Step 10:  Put a dot of white off-center, so that it overlaps both the iris and pupil.  (These will make your fake eyes look shiny and wet like real eyes.)  If you can keep your eyelids closed long enough to dry between steps, it’ll help prevent smearing.
Step 11:  Add some small white dots around the nose, across your eyebrows, cheek bones, etc.  (Google Image search a photo of an Avatar character for reference.) I also added some Blue-violet ultra-fine glitter, which looks great.
Step 12:  Accessorize!  Okay, I didn’t buy any accessories…I just photoshopped myself onto an image.  But, if you have long hair, make a bunch of braids, or check out these wigs and ear accessories on Amazon:
Rubie's Costume Co Avatar Costume Accessory, NeytiriRubie?s Costume Co Avatar Neytiri Deluxe Wig, Black, One Size Rubie?s Costume Co Avatar Jake Sully Wig, Black, One SizeAvatar Child's Costume, Neytiri CostumeRubie's Costume Co Avatar Costume Accessory, Jake Sully Ears

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Christmas Gigs with Santa

It’s that time of year again…when Santa is making his rounds in the Twin Cities and calls on me to paint at events with him! I am very fortunate to have been able to be Santa’s “official” face painter since last year, and always enjoy painting Christmas designs. This weekend I painted at events in Mendota Heights and Woodbury, while Santa got to hear wish lists from the kids!

Above is a photo of me with Santa from this weekend! With 7 weeks until baby #2 is due, my belly rivals Santa’s this year!

Here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I am hoping there are a lot of happily painted faces out there today, as I know I’ve sent out several rushed overnight paint orders through my site this past week!

I enjoyed volunteering my face painting services again this year for my church’s “pumpkin party” last night…here are a few pics!

I even got to paint a mustache and curly chest hairs on “Wesley” from the Princess Bride:

Here’s a shot of my little 22 month old dinosaur, checking out Mommy’s paints! He was the first painting of the day, with snoopy on his hand!

It’s been a long 2 months since I ended my frenzy of summer face painting gigs, so I was surprised to be reminded how hard it is to paint while 6 months pregnant, especially when I set my paints on my rapidly disappearing lap! I am due in January…hopefully I’ll make it through my upcoming December gigs! I did take advantage of my big belly today though, and painted it up like a jack-o-lantern! 🙂

Hope you all had a great Halloween!